Voiceover Bank | Africa Largest pool of Voiceover Talents
Voice Over Bank is a one-stop shop for audition and booking of voice-over talents in Africa for various voice included projects and jobs primarily in Nigeria and Africa. We are building Africa's largest pool of voice-over artists.
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We are building Africa’s largest pool of professional voiceover talents.

Who We Are

We are a one-stop shop for audition and booking of voiceover talents in Africa for various voice included projects and jobs primarily in Nigeria and Africa. We are in existence for easy and direct access to a wide range of voiceover talents primarily in Nigerian languages and other African lingua.


Our solutions are fast and reliable especially with our E-studio that churns out voice over briefs in real time. Our voice talents are thorough professionals who have been trained to deliver quality work for a variety of voice projects likeTV and Radio commercials, Movie Trailers, Documentaries, Autobiographies and Video profiles, Audio Books etc.

How It Works

Book a Talent

Easily book voice talents for your project

Get voice samples

Listen to free voice samples tailored to your request from our voicebank.

Choose Talent

Choose among the various top-class voice talents in our pool that meet your requirement.

Download Audio

Work with your favorite voice, download audio and you’re done!

Why Choose Us

Easy access to a pool of top-class voice-over talents

Affordable pricing

An excellent production team with a vast wealth of experience in the industry.

International affiliations with Global voice-over multinationals.

Need help with a project you’re embarking on?

Looking for Voiceover Training?

We offer professional voice over training for aspiring voice over artists via our learning hub.